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Publisher's representation

Publisher's Representation


With over 20 years experience in the territory, we can help your company reach the vast potential school market in Mexico and Latin America.


We promote, market and sell into both the lucrative private school market and have contacts with Governmental agencies for sales to the public school system throughout the region.


We keep it simple to work with us!

We charge 10% on all sales in the territory under a standard Publisher's Representative agreement subject to any changes that each individual publisher needs for a minimum period of 12 months but usually under a 24-month agreement renewable on mutual agreement. See attached sample letter of agreement 






This is a sample agreement only and can be amended according  to the the needs and requirement of the publisher

We only represent a limited number of companies-a maximum of 10 selected publishers on our list at any given time-We give priority to all our selected publishers on an individual basis.


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