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Promotion and marketing to schools and colleges

Promotion and Marketing Services


*EMAIL Marketing to schools and colleges throughout the region

on a country by country basis from our vast school mailing list developed from over 20 years in the territory-We send out 6 email marketing campaigns a month to every school or college on our list of over 2000 private schools throughout the region.

contact us to find out how to get your company titles on our mailing list schedule


*We use a fully automated Customer Relationship Management software system (CRM) to track all our schools, Customers, Points of Sale and Local Agents and much more...

  • customer data

  • customer interaction

  • access business information

  • automate sales

  • track leads                                               

  • contracts

  • marketing

  • customer support

  • clients and contacts

  • support vendor/partner relationships

  • employees

  • knowledge and training  

  • assets or resources









  check out our pdf on our CRM System-click on the image to open

*Direct mailing of catalogues and/or promotional pieces of each publisher to selected schools and colleges throughout the region or on a country by country basis.

Contact us to find out more


*We contact most of the schools on our list at least twice during the school season either directly via a phone call or email to the person or persons in charge of purchasing and selecting the material for the school using our CRM System.

Contact us to find out more about this service




*We collaborate with local agents or representatives in different countries or regions that promote, visit and sell directly to schools and colleges for the territory they work within.

They all report back to us on a regular basis through our CRM.


At IRS we can help your company reach the vast potential school book market in Mexico and Latin America.


 CONTACT US AT AT 00-52-55-5555-7240/4312


International Representation Services

The door to open the vast and lucrative school book market in Latin America

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