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Mexico city at night

International Representation Services


The door to open the vast Latin American Markets

 At International Representation Services we have over 20 years experience in promoting, marketing and selling into Mexico and Latin American School Markets.We can provide the services your company needs to enter the Latin American School Market for books in English.


Our Story so far...

We started out as The British Bookstore and have continued to develop our services to the publishing industry and have evolved into International Representation Services (I.R.S) as of 2019 a new sister company dedicated solely to publisher's representation and consulting services -a welcome addition to our business group.

The British Bookstore will continue as an independent part of this group with a separate sales team.

Now part of our ever-growing

International Business Group




Our Servuces
Exhibitions,Book Fairs and events

We can represent your company at all major Book Fair throughout the region

Publisher's representatives
for the region 

As your sales representatives we charge 10% on all sales for the designated territory

Promotion and marketing to schools and colleges

We provide promotional and marketing services to both private and public  schools and colleges throughout Latin America 

Reach the vast potential school markets in Mexico and Latin America


Coming soon our updated book on The Latin American School Book Market 

We wrote the book on The Latin America School Book Market

Click on the link below and fill out your details and we will send on a free sample of The School Book Market in Mexico

in PDF.

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